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Custom bride's doll necklace x 2

Natacha Plano

Regular price €170.00

Customized porcelain doll necklace x 2 for a bride

The special custom bride's doll will fit your wedding dress and as a 'mini you' will be the perfect 'remember the day' necklace. 

The form of the doll can not vary but you can customize: 

* her hair (gold, platina, pink with gold heart, black with platina stars... )

* her dress (a shawl with a skirt, a drawing on the uper part+ skirt, short skirt, long skirt, colors...)

* her shoes

* you can have a date written on the doll's back

sold by two - Since porcelain is fragile all brides dolls are sold by 2 (of the same)  because we want you to focus on your lovely day not the doll! 

The featured doll is 170€  (for two dolls) but the price may vary on your customization choices...

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