Spring is in the air

I'm a big spring and flower lover! Sunny and colorful days really influence my mood. Sometimes when it's dull and cold and the sun has gone to worm the other side of the planet I feel like I could easily hibernate. But this 2020 has the greatest amount of blue sky days in french history I think!

I live in front of a huge wood between Paris and Versailles and it is really frustrating not being authorized to step in... I'm still lucky enough having my confinement in such green neighborhood. 

On this blog I will, from now on, present you a lot of beautiful flowers, places and anything related that inspires me. Also some of my made with love jewelry, places I've traveled, my illustration work, other talented designers, crafters and artists, my beautiful (and it's not because he's mine ^_^) dog and some links to great vegan receipts. Hope you will enjoy !

I'd like to start with some photos I've made in my mum's garden few years ago. I don't know when it will be possible for me to go and visit her.

I staged one of my mini Lili necklaces with the idea to emphasis the color splashes. 

Magnolia and porcelain mini figurine necklace

Mini Lili and her yellow dress.

 Tao my sister's dog, we miss him so much.

Take care of you and stay safe. 




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  • Beautiful photos ❤️. And adorable Tao 💘


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